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                    R & D

                    Tuoxin has established a R & D center and the subsidiary Xinxiang Pharmaceutical has set up an institue of materia medica, both of them jointly undertake the company's R & D project.


                    1、R & D center organizational architecture

                    R & D center organizational architecture

                    Introduction to R & D institutions

                    The main responsibilities of R & D center and Institute of pharmaceutical research are as follows:

                    R & D Center
                    Are responsible for the development, development, minor testing of new products and as planned for the review, validation, validation, qualification and other work;Were responsible for the pilot experimental study, validation, and confirmation;Responsible for the comprehensive management of the company's production technology, including technical analysis and process modifications;Responsible for the preparation of documents related to the manufacturing process technology;Responsible for the organization of company technology transfer efforts;Were responsible for organizing the company's technical training and assisting the production department with technical improvements.