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                    R & D

                    Tuoxin has established a R & D center and the subsidiary Xinxiang Pharmaceutical has set up an institue of materia medica, both of them jointly undertake the company's R & D project.

                    R & D strength
                    The company has set up a research team of more than 100 people led by professorate senior engineers and composed of talents of various echelons.

                    Invention patents


                    Scientific research outcomes

                    By 2020, the company has 9 invention patents and 29 scientific research achievements. Through years of technology accumulation, the company has formed a fully-fledged R & D management system; including mid-long term strategically schematization, project approval, design and development, feasible evaluation report, pilot test and mid-scale production. The relevant procedures are conducive to the standardization of the company's research projects, and be able to rapidly forward the research results to achievements.